Saturday, January 3, 2009

me new~~

~~ presenting me~~~

hye readers~~

dis gonna be my 1st entry..

**hahaha..actually dh 2 blog dibuat ..but after memandai men'revert' template setting ke,this gonna be my 3rd blog~~~

so..sbb2 mengadakan blog nih..well..bila tgk most of my frens have their own why not??even caju pon dh start blogging ...other than my friendster blog sgt mdh dikesan updatenye and cannot do as much as dis site..

**hahha..kunun2nye blog ni ada sdkit privacy..privacy le sgt~~actually..if tru frenster..rasa2nye byk sgt info pasal pemilik nye~~hahhaha..jd limited lak nk tls kt dlm 2~~

4 1st entry..better get short i guess..

so..adios amigos~~

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