Wednesday, March 18, 2009


AS OUR HECTIC LIFE GONNA BE START SO SOON..actually it already shows the fellow frens & me decide 2 end our superduper free life b4 by watching a new movie..

diz movie is based on a novel n actually im not kipas-susah-mati of the novel..but why not..the poster like memanggil2 diriku..ahaks..some people said yg muvie ni not as good as the novel itself but i did enjoy it very much..=))

dis movie should give some motivation how 2 manage ur finance but after all i feel giler dapat shopping mcm 2..ayoo maa??!!apakah perasaan itu..?

aku x penah gelak puas smpai mcm hari 2 even dh byk kali tgk movie cter lawak asbestos..maybe because of other people's laugh yg buat aku gelak smapai ujung anak tekak..agaga..

i guess film ni x tyg lg kt not u all go n see it..just tuk ringankn beban2 dlm kepala hotak korg...

~~ yes..ini la buktinyaa yg i did watch the muvie..ngee~~

rite now..i started 2 read the novel even dh almost 2 months aku borrow the book from the owner,liyana amban..sabar ek yana,karang aku pulangkn erk?erk?..

so,now i read this...

instead of ...

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