Monday, April 6, 2009

memorable moments

last nite,i found our old nice pics together..i just smile all nite long,remember all the things dat we've been tru 4 all dis years~~

us at PD 1 st time 2 PD.his 100th time 2 PD.haha~
but his 1st photo wif a nice pose.haha..ok la..bru blajor la katakan..
tp time ni xsempat mandi pon.kejap je sbb dtg dh dkt mlm..huhu..still remember.waktu ni hari sabtu,kt seberang jln ada pasar mlm.kan yg?

dating kt zoo@melawat sedara abg kt sana..=b
dh busan dating kt workshop,kitorg p dating kt zoo pe.sape yg x penah pegi dating kt zoo,try nice 2 see all the animals wif org tersyg..


my 2 faveret pitchas of him..

i guess i miss him so much rite now..~sigh~

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