Saturday, May 9, 2009


i guess i'm not happy 2 be here anymore..
sometimes feel doesn't belong here..
once, i am so glad 2 be sent here instead of local U ..
i just wanna go home..
feel the warmth from all the love one..
my mak & abah..
i just want the old feeling..
feeling when you go out 2 somewhere or anywhere
u're just belong there..
no strangers looking at u like u're such a freak coming from another planet..
face that familiar 2 u..
face that make u feel free & safe 2 walk alone..
i missed to talk 2 others without making any effort 2 ensure dat they will understand..
i'm fucking tired somewhere in the middle..
just wanna go home..
no place better than your hometown..
i wish i got some real power to change the situation..
or someone who always been there for me..
talk whenever i need 2 listen..
smile whenever i need a light..
laugh whenever i feel alone..
hugging me 2 make me comfort..
lend a shoulder whenever i cry...
or at least..
same feeling inside..
p/s:i guess.. i'll never send my child 2 study abroad..

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