Saturday, July 18, 2009

post exam syndrom

sebab dah abis exam..
no more burning the midnite oil..
not so yeayyyyyyyyy...
sebab allowance from Jpa is far far away yet..
senang ati mau pulang but also susah hati sebab 4 the 1st tyme i'm going home by myself..
it wasnt dat im afraid..
i just dont like the feeling of 'canggung ness' when i got no company to talk to..
disebabkan allowance yg kejam xmow munculkan diri..
all the plans have being CHANGED..or maybe the better word 4 dat is REMOVED..
no souveniers for my pals..for my mak n ETC..bla.bla.bla..
n they're gonna think dat im stinky..i broke the promises 2 get them something when i'm home..
n i feel so bad to get back to malaysia ..
i feel like when i got home..i just wanna put myself in the house..watching tv &
cramping myself in my little room not to meet anybody ..
but not 4 the rest of the holiday la..
just until the allowance masuk..
giler hapa 45 days x dienjoy dgn gemilang..
and another susah hati thing is my result 4 dis semester.
when i feel like i can do this paper..i'll remember about the midsem test of the paper which was not sooo gud..
n when the midsem punyer paper was gud,the paper 4 the final was damn susah..
(kt sini men sistem sem.bkn blok.midsem nye markah will be combined with final sem)
n then..hows im gonna get 3.0 above??
owhh..niightmare..dont wanna think bout it..
n hoping dat craps will never cross my mind while im enjoying myself in Malaysia..
so,today..most of my homemates dh bergerak pulang..
i got to spend 5 more days here..settle all the document n some little things 2 get home in a cheapest way..hahaha..
so pathetic..
so,25th I home~~~

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