Tuesday, November 10, 2009

day 4

there's always be a lot of ways to keep in touch with peeps..
postcards,letters even the pigeon..
got fb and other social networks today..

but wut else can i do if i am so 2009 and he is so 2000 and late..
he's not the type of person who works with the computers..
he doesnt go online everynite n ym-ing or skyp-ing me..
and he also doesnt texting me for every single tyme..

i'm just using the conversional way by calling him or him calling me ( didnt care)
yes it is not cheap and i cannot see him except if i'm using a videocall ( rm2 for 1 min)

to make a call u need a handphone,full-charged battery(not so-full-charged also can la..),full-top up of credits (it a must) and also a signal.
and now.. the only thing dat we lack is a signal..

wut else can i do if i was only left by an option..
and the only option make me down..

26 days left..

honey.balik cepat...

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