Friday, December 25, 2009


i dont understand why peoples excluding the Kristians seem to join in, celebrating the Cristmas.
dont you know why they were celebrating the Cristmas for ?
oh.maybe you know but u dont seem to care?

starting last nite..i saw a lot of people(most of them are Muslims) put something about celebrating the Cristmas on their FB's status..

dont U know a fact that Muslims are not even allowed to say Merry Cristmas?? (nahh.u making me say it.but THATS not the point!).

its quite a sad when U read a status saying that almost sound like this ( change due to violation..=b).."i want a present too..i missed the celebration this year"
WTF?????u are a Muslim!it was like U were celebrating it.every year??

this is bullshit U know!!

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