Wednesday, December 2, 2009


breakup stories are everywhere
.boyfriend/husband cheated on their girfriend/wife.
girlfriend having another affair.bla.bla.bla.

i started to like someone when i was in a primary school.
i like a same person for almost 4 years of my schooling.
but now,seeing the person making me laugh a bit..
how can i fall for him?it's not dat he is ugly now but he looks like a kind of a very polite people.become the head of student's council in his Uni and it is totally in contrast with me. i'm a riot and of course the one like me who's the student's council had to deal with..yes.of course while i was in boarding school( now i turned to a ladylike..hahaha).dating,skipped preps,'jumping out of the pagar-sekolah and of course 'kutuk-ing' the wardens.

it was only once dat i felt for a guy like him..(kind of budak-muka-sekolah-agama) because after that i always and being always fall for a badboy type.and also because of it, i always felt on a wrong first,i dumped him.then came the next boy and he dumped me.then i dumped someone back.the patterns kept like dat until i met a guy while attending someone's kenduri-arwah.

i always wanted to have one long-term-relationship before getting married.having a time to know each other for 4-5 years looks like an ideal way of getting ready to spend the rest of my life with a same person for me.i dont want to have any doubt or hesitation on a day of my wedding just because i dont really know the guy.

i am on a right track when i met my commitment.Having him is a bless to my life.
for three years of dating, a doubt of 'did-i-choose-a-wrong-guy-again?' was never crossed a mind.

.loving.devoted.protective.loyal.sweet talker.jealous.caring.charming.wish i can conclude all this in one word..

i love the sound of ur voice.i love the way u talk and see me.i love the way how u think of our future.i love the way when u were nervous when u're first met my family, granny and other family members.i love the efforts dat u showed.and most of all,i always love the way U were convincing me that there is no other girl in ur life except me.

come home early & happy becoming our 3rd anni dear..=)

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