Monday, December 21, 2009

people whom i just knew..

do you know Semai's people??
i bet you dont know because I know!hahaha..

let me tell U about them..

1.they are native people from Banjaran Titiwangsa (which usually can be found at South's and Middle's Perak)

2.their wedding ceremony is simple.the bride and bridegroom will be asked based on some super-simple questions.the questions are including "Can u left ur wife at home while U went outside for fun?" or " can u take the responsibilities of being a good husband to ur wife?".then if they said a same answer,they are officially announced as husband & wife.

3.they only wear sarong( the bride) and short @ shirtless (the bridegroom)

4.the best part( i take this as a wedding present..hehehe) is they cannot go outside of the house for 1 week to avoid the demons.. wallah~~

5.their wedding fee is only RM 25 and if u try to marry the Tok batin's daughter u need can being married as much as u can, as long as U live la kan...there's no limit for the number of your wives..

6.end of facts.

p/s : why i was so interested to write about them huh..(^__~")

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