Monday, April 5, 2010


i was entering ur room with smile on my face with an intention to see my friend.u look so damn cute and funny till i said..what happen to ur hair,u look lika an einstein..then suddenly ur face turned.and u not talking to me anymore.what i know is when i went back to my room and look at the screen of my laptop..there it is..written a minutes ago..'saying something is so much better than a fake'..i was joking to a girl name friend and U end up replying as an enemy.of course i was  so frustrated by U.why being so sensitive?and is that wut U think of me?a fake?yes i had a fake hair.i went rebonding my hair so i look better.i was angry and sad at the same time.why it bothers U so much?well maybe i came at the wrong condition of yours.a friend shouldnt say sorry and thank you afterall.i'd called my friend pig.i called them stupid.i call them crazy.they never said a harsh thing back.they always smiling back because they know i didnt mean a thing.and afterall,we are a friend.

P/S:well maybe i'm the only who thoughts we are a friend.

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intaq said...

bru jupe blog mu..huk3..
nway..mish b'mls-mlsn ngn u lah..
hidup c3 hehe ;D