Friday, May 21, 2010


i noe it's been quite late to talk about mother's day
so i'm not gonna talk 'bout it ..
and by the way,i did wish my mak "selamat hari ibu' the other day..=)

i woke up from 'napping' right after the azan maghrib..or is it isyak??(~_~")
dont get me wrong..girls had a chance to sleep all day long for a week if they want, once in a  month..

something happened during my napping that remind me of my mak.and thats making me missed her a bunch and wanna talk about her all nite long..hehehe..

10 facts about mak :

1)  mak is so petite.her height is only 140 ++cm and her weight is  40kg(ini yg paling berat seumur hidup 
     beliau due to the lambakan lemaks di perut.hahahah.sori mak.ter'blew' out your secret.)

2)  mak 's origin coming from the suku kaum banjar which was originally from kalimantan,Indonesia but they 
     migrated to malaysia a long tyme ago before mak was born.

3)  so basically mak speaks two languages in her daily life.1st,standard malay .2nd,bahasa banjar yang mana 
     kami adik beradik agak2 boleh paham but cannot pronounce it correctly.and if we try pon,they still can 
    distinguish which one is the real banjar's people and which one is the new generation who acted like they 
    are a banjarish.Wanted to know more bout banjar,search KULAAN BANJAR in the facebook.Kulaan 
    means saudara.

4)  mak favourite's drink is, i dont think its her favourite's drink actually .because tea is the only type of 
     drink dat she drinks after cannot be her fav unless she drinks others too..=p

5)  mak was born in 1965 so it makes mak  45 years old now.but yet she still looked younger  than her 
     youngest sister.hahaha..sori Acu Nani.dont get offended..=)

6)  mak got problem with her appetite.she rarely finished her meal unless there's a lot-lot-lots of vegetables or 
     ulam on the table.sometimes i wondered,we got a vegetarian in our family too just like hollywood people 

7)  mak fav's quote was "TENGOK MAK HANG NIH,KECIK Jaa TAPI URAT DAWAI".she keeps 
     repeating the same quote whenever we gave up on doing something and asking for her to finish it..

8)  mak can be anyone's bestfriend cos she knows how to treat people well and kids too.sometimes,when i 
     saw kids,i try to imitate her ways to win the kids but yet they still dont like me as much as they like  
     mak.cishh!!dasar budak2 susah nk bodek.

9)  mak onced lived in sabah and she can imitate well how sabah's people speak but unfortunately mak still 
     cannot speak kelantanese eventhough her husband(abah) comes from kelantan.and did i ever mention we 
     stayed in Kelantan since 1999?and its like 11 years now??!!hallo mak??

10)  i inherit some of mak's genes especially mak's eyebrows and her moles (this is a lot.exactly  same size  
       and place!).unlucky ,the one who's inherit mak's beauty genes is my second brother and not me,her only 

     AND mak,kakak do inherit gejala lenguh kaki mak sekarang!!thats happened during my naps and remind 
    me of U.

see,how young my mak is?
and petite she is.oh,here u cant really see her height..

and now U see how small mak is..=)

talking bout mak make me missed others too..

brother, the one who's stole mak's gene which is suppose to be mine!!

neighbours's kids..

cousins.anak acu nani.
Yo and Fiq
Yo who's always been called as Achik Spin and 
Fiq as Ferdie from the bawang merah n bawang putih Indonesian hits sinetron by their mother.

yeah. i miss u 2 buddy..=)

the most missed person in the whole world..
extravagance ni..

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