Saturday, June 19, 2010


i wished my abah (tru mak of cos) last Sunday.then i came across some webpage yesterday,this Sunday is Father's Day..
ummm.. i guessed,it was okay and alright  for being ahead..(~.~)

Talking about abah,nothing much i can say about him.
His full name is Saari Bin Ismail.
He is a retired army and now joining the world of business.He sells stationery and other school's stuffs.
My abah is 50 years old now.But he's not like any other 50 years old's man.thanks to the lifestyle i guess he manage to maintain his physical appearances even i saw some drastic changes especially his belly lately..

something that i always remember about abah is,he always knows everything.He might not has a scroll of degree in anything but yet his knowledge was unimaginable.He knows a lot of stuffs.He knows history,cars,wars,peoples,politic.In short,he just knows everything cos abah never skipped watching News unless there's something more important come ahead.But i remember seeing abah recorded the Buletin Utama using tape before we went out once..(those days,DVd or VCd players are not even invented yet).

His obsesses potray in his children's names.How do U think we got our name 'NUR MISUARI' after all, unless he's not watching news about wars in Fillippina(did i spell it correctly) during those days..??

Based on mak stories,abah used to be called Saari bateri,Saari lori and Saari Sengih.

The 1st nickname came out because he got some serious heart problems during young age.His heart didn't beat well unless there's an energy supplies to the heart.Until now, U can see the scar on his left chest.And i wonder,abah is still being a heavy-smoker until now but his heart just beats as efficient as it never be in a bad condition before.

The 2nd nickname,i'm not practically been sure if this one was coming out from one of  mak's stories. i think i just made up the nickname when i was a little because they sound a bit similar.Saari..ri..lori??

The 3rd nickname is totally true cos i can see it why.hahaha..
Abah might not be handsome as others,but his smile makes him looks charming and warming.
Mak always denies the reason why she falls for abah,but i just know it was his smile afterall.

Abah was never be fierce but i always end-up crying especially during my schooldays.

As i grew up,i  did some stupid stuffs and i was always trying very hard to hide it from abah.Eventually,i just know..without abah blessing,i couldn't go 'far'.After all i always came back to the family .It was true,there is a big different between doing something with ur parent's bless and without it.For me,it likes a relief knowing ur father or mom knows what u were doing.




Happy Father's Day Abah..


guess if U didn't here it is..


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