Saturday, June 26, 2010

musim kapas

i never seen cotton kurung as interesting as other people see it.
and i dont find it suitable for my body as i know I will always being a chubby person.
for me,wearing cotton kurung make me look bigger and didn't fall well on our body and other than that sometimes it does looks like a table cloth.that was my 1st idea of cotton kurung whenever i heard about it until i met this gorgeous cotton materials uploaded in one of my friend's facebook and it changes my perception.

there are types of cotton that i know such as
french cotton.
japanasse cotton.
english cotton.

and this is the reason why i like cotton now.
look how cute she was,wearing the cotton kurung.
i love the colour she chose..=)

p/s : credit to mr.gogel for the pictures.and also the girl.sorry,i just grab the picture from ur blog without ur permission..I just like what u were wearing..=)


*kuku patah said...

haha..nape dok suh aku jekjadi model..haha

momoc said...

mu upload ar nnti.aku x buh lgi 2 pasal cotton india.hahaha