Thursday, June 17, 2010

a sweet escape..

its almost a week after we back from Tidung's Island.
the vacation was fun even though the island was a lil bit different from what we were expected.

we woke up at 4 in the morning
so we can reached the jetty at 6.
everybody was still sleepy including me.
 but the excitement of 3 hours's journey by boat making me
forgot about the lack of sleep last night.

bukan janji melayu saje ye xleh pakai,janji Indonesia pon sama.
promised to be at the jetty sharp on 6 a.m but unfortunately,the boat only start 'sailing' at 7.30 a.m.

see how many people at the jetty.

the thought that there were only us who planned to go to the island on that weekends
was all's not only 1,2 or 3 groups who planned the same damn thing but there were a lot-lot-lot of peoples wanted to go there too..(~.~")

'mas' ganteng sebok menarik cube-cube ice..=D

it was not only numbers of boat to bring all the peoples to the island there,
 but they also got 'fishing-boats'
and the smell fishy..

perhaps U know which one is sleeping and which is pretend to be sleeping..=p

basically every boats got 3 floors.
and we chose to be on top.
kami macam pendatang asing yg nak menyeludup kan???

so,here we are!!
~pakat mai siniii..pulau tidung menanti~~~

inilah jambatan cinta.
memang jatuh cinta la kalau lalu.
panjang sangat,sape tak jatuh cinta.
dah lama sgt nak smpai..(~_~")

as saya belom pernah diving or snorkeling kat mana2 pulau,
so i guess the corals here were interesting and 'scary'
misteri btol warna dia.

OH!pardon the awkwardness.
 ini pertama kali floating kat air  laut dalam.
thanx to the life jacket.
U save my life.mwah.mwah.mwah!!

dah tak awkward daahh..
siap boleh wat gaya renang berirama dah..=p

me try to imitate the willie-style..

the bbq's nite.

see the man on the 2 nd pic??
actually,he was waiting for our ayam bbq.
sebok ar ko org giler.
naseb bek ko menakutkan.kalau tak aku dh tolak masuk dlm laut..(~.~')

the souveniers..
i bought the landak one..=)

so much fun playing the game spontaneously..

we on the way back to main land..

p/s : pulau tidung might not be the best island we ever went but
the memories are still part of the best memories we had..

it's not the place,it's the people..=)


miEmi zahari said...

momoc!!! best nyo... happy 2 c all dos pics..huhu

momoc said...


come.come to indonesia.ak free guide korg sumer..