Wednesday, July 14, 2010

rules are make to be break.

here,in a mosque somewhere in Dubai..(guess so)

here in the mosque of  Putrajaya..

see the difference & the similarity?

the similarity was there're certain rules while u went into or walk around the mosque.
for example the 'etika-berpakain'.
any woman/girl (excluding the kids) who doesnt follow the rule of menutup aurat doesnt matter what religious  U are,need to wear a jubah which was provided by the management of the place.

while the difference is..

In dubai (or maybe any places other than putrajaya),
they give a well-maybe- i-can-call-it a very good quality of jubah.

while in Putrajaya,
they are giving us a shocking-pink colour of jubah with
a very cheap material of kain.

orang putrajaya might has some reasons why they chose pink instead of any other colours?

1) pink colour are easy to be seen even
 if  U were standing 100 metres away from the parameter of the mosque.

2) nobody's going to wear pink jubah in their lifetime.well maybe there is,but surely it was a really rare case.
so,it was easiest for them to distinguish between their jubah and not their jubah.In case the visitors are also wearing jubah.

3) to give a very 'high impact' of kesedaran for those who were not covering their aurat.

bukankah memalukan /menjatuhkan maruah seseorang
 itu tidak seharusnya berlaku walaupon niat cuma mahu beri kesedaran?
niat tak menghalalkan cara.

p/s : orang dubai might be difficult in distinguishing and collecting back all their jubah,
but i guess that's the point of it.
to avoid people from feeling awkward and shame.

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