Saturday, August 28, 2010

Domestic violation.Learn & know ur right.

Knowing one of my old friend being a victim of domestic violence.Being beaten by her own husband.In front of their children.Kind of remind me,how we can't hold the future.

SOmeOne can be sweet,gentle & take care of everything about us.BUt someOne also possibly can be the opposite in the future.We never Know.

Once been beaten,she can hold.Second time coming,she's leaving.It is not easy to be a single mother.And it is harder when people call U "janda".

"Janda can just be a title.U still young & energetic.U still got a lots of time."

But we know how people's perception.Especially the Malays.We know our people better.

She might be one lucky person for having a family & lots of friend who will support through her life.Thats what we called friend.Who loves U doesnt matter who U are.Doesnt matter how bad U are.


for those ( including me) who already see any signs of violation right now,doesnt matter how sweet he can be sometimes,it is not worth of waiting for.If someone love U,He will never have a heart to hurt U,doesnt matter in what ways.

p/s : Chor once told me.We can be friend with anyone.Good-alim people.Drug addict.Thief.or even killer. If we turn to be a good or bad people later,those people are not the one to be blame.They can influenced us,but we are the one who decide what we want to be.

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