Thursday, September 2, 2010

He's an army dat I loved.

Being in a long distance relationship is not something easy i told u.and being a military's girlfriend is like adding a flavour into it.Being away from each other & having conversation by only through handphone & internet are only one normal situation for people like us.Sometimes i'd considered it was lucky enough if there's any chance of meeting him for every 6 months.Other people might up for a year of not meeting one another.pheeww~

That was for being in a long distance relationship.What about being a military's girlfriend?


When u already thought U gonna meet ur boyfriend after considering,clearing & putting away all of ur schedules,think again.He might get stuck with his duties for 'NEGARA'.

When U already planned everything nicely,plan again.He might make u cancel all the plans due to his duties for 'NEGARA'.

When U already being promised by him of coming down to meet U or picking U up at the airport,bare in mind about him, who might not coming down at last minutes.So U wont get  regret all the time.


but believe me.
i wont ever be regret for being a military's girlfriend,
no matter how less we're spending time together because it was always a great time..=)

chor, during his duty last night..=)

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