Sunday, September 26, 2010

Kecoh Raya 2010

thought it end already.but guess,it's NOT!

after a week coming back to Jakarta,there were still some demos occured at the Kedutaan Besar Malaysia.They did some 'sweeping' s at several malls here in Jakarta.We still be in cautious but it doesn't bother us much as long as we know ,which roads or which hypermarket that we should avoid.So father,mother.Be calm.Everything is under control.

lets move to something happy everybody!

Last night we were having fun at an event called 'KECOH RAYA' which be host by Kelab UMNO JAKARTA.For those yg still terbiasa menjamah makanan Malaysia selama 2 bulan (oh,this is me^_^),event seperti ini tak boleh dilepaskan.They got nasi warna-warni (they should call it nasi pelangi la instead of hujan panas.Hujan panas doesn't produce such a beautiful-delicious thing.It gave u kain-tak-kering-di-ampaian instead).They also got kek lapis sarawak,pulut kuning and most important thing is the ayam masak merah.

during the event,other than upacara makan-makan,ada juga game Jangan Lupa Lirik.but fot this time,they got lagu raya in their playlist.Tapi biasa lah lagu raya.Kebanyakkan lagu raya ni,kita hafal hujung lidah saja.Dah nyanyi baru ingat.Dah pasang lagu baru tau lagu siapa-siapa.Kan?Jangan cakap engkau hafal lagu raya macam hafal  notes biologi.

Jangan Lupa Lirik Raya for these one got angpau bagi yang menang.And guess what?I also got angpau..^_^

raya kecil-kecil seronok dapat banyak angpau.
raya besar-besar seronok kaki panjang berjalan.


Happy Eid everybody.
see U next year!

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