Saturday, November 6, 2010

How long the spark last?

Two things I learnt about relationship today.

1st.Karma does exist.And it doesn't take long.
2nd. Sometimes,U have to take control in your relationship.

U hurt people.Then one day,U realized.U don't want to hurt anymore people.But thing comes the other way around.When U were ready to give a commitment, people start hurting U.And U couldn't say more or complaining about it because what comes around,really comes around.

Playing hard to get,U may lose somebody.But playing cheap,U are already lose somebody even before U have them. Hold the reins in a relationship does help U see where the relationship is leading up,but do remember.Somebody may not want to see U in each of their involvement.Every man needs a space.

p/s: Being a lover for the rest of a life,we still couldn't take out the exact ways in handling emotions.


^linas^ said...

pray 4 ur love!

momoc said...

thanx alhamdulillah.ada jugak org lain yg salah sangka bila tgk entry daku latel ni.semua cerita berkait dgn org sekeliling saje..^_^