Sunday, April 24, 2011

his graduation day

                           Cik momok got this for his graduation.
                           She wants to give something that he can bring along wherever he goes.
                           So he can remember and know that he belongs to someone.
                          And not trying to do another 'jual-minyak' ....[^_________^]...

                      but  it's look like someone just got him something which is so much more valuable &  
                      cik momok Is jealous.
                      not because someone gave him a better 'graduation-gift' but because cik momok also wanted                   
                      something like this to keep!!
                     (please ana.make a copy for me)

 "this is so sweet.
i can see your sweat(for doing this)
u make his heart swells
and  feel like wanna sway"
(hahaha.cik momok was trying to make a rhythm)

                         since this was for his graduation.cik momok wonder kenapa almost half from the album 
                         adalah gambar 'dating' kami.HARHARHAR.
                        (hehehe,that's why cik momok want another copy of it)

            p/ s: I want him to stay here.But I also knew he will be good for going to another country.sigh~


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