Saturday, December 31, 2011

Welcome Twenty Twelve

Assalamualaikum wbt.

As firecrackers been played somewhere on the outside,franky speaking Cik Momok doesn't has a resolution yet.Hey come on?!Like everyone has to have a resolution or in a need to change their resolution as new year comes.hehehehe(what an excuse -_-').

It is nearly impossible to celebrate new year eve without U stuck in a car or taxi.Yes.Cik Momok talks about Jakarta people. I went out to a nearest groceries shop just now.And it was just 5 p.m then,but its look like all the  cars just suke-suke je parking on the middle of the roads.Yeah.All the cars were not moving >_<.And it was only for Bintaro area,not the place of the main event yet.So just stay at home people.Furthemore,they're playing Batman: The Dark Knight on Trans TV tonight.heeee ^_______<

p/s: those photos were taken during our midnight trip to Muara Angker last time.Just to let U know,they call fireworks as kembang api and firecrackers as petasan in Indonesia.Happy New Year everybody.Have a blast one..^______^

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