Monday, June 15, 2009

can u keep a secret??

the best way 2 keep ur secret is DONT TELL ANYONE..even ur trust one..=)
everyone does has a secret rite?..
i always know I can believe nobody except 4 myself..
but out of sudden i just want 2 tell her..really want 2 tell her.. hoping she deal with it n keep it..she's my besties n i dont want 2 hide anything from her...
but my calculation was wrong.she keeps it but not really deal with it...
i can feel the stiffness between her n me after dat..i talked less... n i dont even know how 2 greet her anymore...
and sometimes..i wonder..if i didnt tell her at the 1st place ..sigh~
i'm just glad..there's no more lies between us..


eppoo said...

ngape ni momoc?
ade pecoh rahsie kew?

ari tu aku drive sorang, tapi ade penumpang nye kat blakang.
gile ko aku nak g kuantan sorang2.

eppoo said...

mok! kamu di tag,
sile jawab!!!!