Tuesday, July 21, 2009


my confessions..
once after i saw Psi i luv u..
i felt in luv wif gerard butler..
his charmingness caught my eyes..
then i decided,i want one..just like him!

then,come the Twilight..
at first,he didnt captured my eyes on him.i just kept looking at bella..
then..after a while..
~~he's so cute~~.
but i still didnt want one like him.

so.im coming back 2 my gerard...i'll never forget him..he's my 1st..how can some other guys beat him..never!

when i think gerard was a little bit old 4 me..
i turn 2 jackson rathbone...
ahhhh...his eyes~~
come n bite me jasper...

then,yesterday..i saw pathology..

wahhh..another gud creature!
nice one!
n now i melting & dying 4 him...
i guess i started 2 drink milo..

ohohhh..cant u all see dat???

why i like all of them?

they dont seem similar..?

n they r totally different to each other..

but there's something dat put them in the same place in my heart..

they r freaking charming..

they r sexy..they r cute..they r bla.bla...

aaaa...i should stop!

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