Tuesday, October 20, 2009

when people think dat they are gud enough..

sometimes i was a bit confused with the way of "berdakwah" from some people.
they put gud clothes .wearing hijab,stockings and so on..
they asked us to come to their talk and we came.
and suddenly one day,they saw the 'real' us maybe..they start to stop greeting u on the road and have a 'forced smile ' on the face whenever they met U

i remember one day when one of my friend who's not wearing hijab seating and talking with the other wearing hijab friends.One of the girl from the 'gang berdakwah ' came and asked all of them to come to their talk except the not wearing hijab.when my friend(who's not wearing hijab) asked the girl she just said.."oh..ini pasal taklim' and just ignored her like forever~~~

what kind of berdakwah if u are already jugde people by looking at their appearance.since the girl was not wearing hijab so she cannot come to your talks?and you only treat people who has a'good manner' which is based on your own qualification?

come on la.supposedly,the one who's not wearing hijab,not wearing long-big t-sirt with ketat-ketat trousers is the main target of your berdakwah strategy.

now, u see me wearing hijab and all kind of loose clothes and then someday when u see me without hijab on me, u wouldn't even want to turn your head to meet my gaze?

please..think it back.
berdakwah is not only for gud people but it is a way to attract the not-so-good-people to become a good person.it can be better if u can change ur kind of strategy in berdakwah..=)

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