Thursday, December 3, 2009

me and writing..

i feel like writing rite now..
i just posted an entry 1 minutes ago and now i'm writing something again.

during secondary school,i always good at writing.
how bad i did during the exams,my result of Bahasa Melayu paper especially Penulisan always going to make me smile.(dont ever compared my English's suck!)

when other students hated the 'Ringkasan's part',i got compliment from the teacher.when they got 12/20, i got 19/20.thats why i always love BM's classes on those days.

but now,try asking me how to write an official letter?
i have to ask everybody for making it right and being accepted..sigh~
the worst thing is,now i learned everything in Indonesia language.

there was a time when the pannic-attack come to me while i was at a shop in my hometown buying some ice cream or whatever dat i didnt remember,something from the counter were about to fall but the cashier didnt notice it and then suddenly burst from my tiny-little mouth.."err.err.Mbakkkkkk.."...shit!!!!..oh how much i hated the situation.

so what's the point of learning BM for 11 years during school's time if u were already forgot once U went to the Univercity or college or bla.bla.bla?

p/s: i'm practising my writing for the upcoming LIA test.LIA is pretty much like MUET or IELTS in malaysia.and LIA stands for Lembaga Inggeris America ,so can u figure out the difference is?Amerika??naahh.u're too clever to figure it i tell u.Malaysia,we use British system while Indonesia they are more to American.why dont they use Dutch?dont ask me..i'm not that smart..harhar.

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