Thursday, December 3, 2009

nyamuk caker ( celaka)!!

it has been 2 and a half mosquitoes were killed while i'm writting this entry..(another entry?daa~~??)

why 2 and a half?not three?

2 because i killed 2 mosquitoes and able to see the dead body on my palm while the half is because i did kill the mosquitoes!i swear!i saw the mosquitoes got trapped between my palm and i squeezed it till no air in between!but i was enable to see the dead-body! grrrr~~how the hell....................

so.wuts the connection between mosquito and me?

I AM SO ALLERGIC to mosquito.

(ayat mcm gedix gila..)

but it is true!

by just a lil' bite from the kuang-ajaq-punya-nyamuk,i got rashes then i started to scrathing my skin like hell ( minyak cap kapak also cant help to reduce the itchiness).after that,the bites got darker and darker then it left a scars everywhere.

everynite,i had to use the mosquito net to avoid myself by being bitten.they're just like a small version of dracula.they sucked your blood and then left u suffereeeeeddd!!!

p/s : the satisfaction come when u killed them while the blood is still in their stomach..muahahaha..huh~!

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