Tuesday, January 19, 2010


i wondered what was actually my favourite colour is?
i used to like purple eventhough my eyes keep searching for pink.my head keep thingking of pink.and my hand keep reaching for pink.just because my cousin likes pink,so i thought it was not cool anymore if i like a same colour.then i used to like blue.blue is for boy and pink is for the girl.i hate girlish people.so another thought of denying of  what i like.when i entered boarding school,i wore black tudung 7days a week until one day,one of my male senior making joke of me and teasing me..pakai hitam sokmo..ok..people invented washing machine for those who hate washing.i hate ironing.thats why i kept wearing the same tudung all the times. why there's no invention for people like me?why there's no geniuses coming out with a technology of MAID-ROBOT-U-DONT NEED-TO-IRON-UR-CLOTHES-ANYMORE..(~__~")..so unfair..

then came a time when i were so into white.everything must be white.white t-shirt.white sandals,white watch.white tudung.white this.white that.white blablabla.white blublublu.white bliblibli..ok stop!
for many years i told people around me i love purple.but somehow when i looked into my drawer i saw a lot of red clothes.my files are red.my photo frame is red.most of the things are in red.but i'm still saying that i like purple.

now, i'm done with red.and also the purple.if people ask me?i'm gonna say."dude,i love gold.gold means rich.it brings prosperity.."..

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onniye*occuke said...

mu ni mok...kjap pink..kjap biru..kjap pepel...nk gold plok..haahahaha...suko sumo jah...