Saturday, January 9, 2010


how i wish i could turn back time..
when i can see things clearly..
and stop myself from 'destroying' my own eyes by tarik-kerusi-rumah one day i can have a glasses.
how gedix i was to think that wearing glasses was super cool and look educated.
and now boo on me because of it i got the-mata-lebam-ala-ala-panda and got to bring wear the glasses to the bathroom because i hate to see thing unclearly..(thanks to the trauma of snake entering our house while in Taiping 13years ago)
i feel weird to use eyeshadow or mascara or anything that can prettier my eyes just because i think nobody can see it because those glasses were covering it.
and if i take it off,all u can see is my mata-panda instead of  the eyeshadow or whatevet it was that i make an effort to put on.
and now i'm wondering how do i look like if i'm not wearing those-bitching-glasses at the beginning..
how life can be so unfair.
u take my sight so just give me a damn beautiful eyes..can u?

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