Tuesday, March 9, 2010

having relatives as your connections in ur facebook is a gud thing or not?which one do you prefer?having or not having?

having them is not a very big deal for me.i dont have any issue for not approving their request eventhough i know my personal life wont be the same anymore.every single thing that u put on your wall or every pieces of pictures that u upload there might be talked.because people always talked.and they wont stop until they are satisfied.

takkanlah,nak join mana2 social network,the builder kena state yg "page ini hanya untuk mereka yg open-minded dah tidak hidup dari zaman orthodox sahaja.kalau anda ye,sila blah.."..how i wish Mark Zuckerberg tulis macam 2 kan depan web dia.

i am 22 years old.one year ahead from the age of freedom.i am malay and i know my roots and my limits.i dont need other people to tell me which thing i can do or which things i can't.i have my own mother and father to remind of my mistakes.i guess they know me better instead of people who only know how to talk but not to teach.

saya tahu dosa mengaibkan orang macamana.dan saya juga tak suka diaibkan.

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onniye*occuke said...

one year ahead from the age of freedom???hahaha...means??mok, mu bilo nok nikah gak??haha