Friday, March 19, 2010


"ya itu dia.selamat melahirkan anak lelaki"
  the dentist said after less than half hour struggling pulling off my teeth.

what else  should i say?
not really much pain walaupon anesthesi dah habis.
or maybe xsempat sakit saya dh telan sebijik lagi ponstan.
dan telan lagik.dan telan lagik.

but injecting the anesthesi before the procedure of removing the gingivitis was hurt much.
can U imagine how the dentist removed the part of the swollen gum?yeah.using the blade for sure.

then came another pain when the nurse trying to find my blood vessel but she couldnt. and she started using the try and error by just injecting the needle into my skin.the 1st injection was a lucky but the 2nd injection making my skin swollen a bit because she lost the track of the blood vessel.i got the pain and also the blame.
  she said  i'm the one who's moving and  trying to tell me indirectly at the same time, that it was not because of her lack in tehcnic the oedem happened. 
after 2 tryouts,the medicine were safely injected into my body.

so here it is.
my naughty little son who's making so much trouble
 just to show how he wanted to go out
and see the real world.

just as an additional.
how my whole teeths look like.
and actually the pic was upside down.

p/s: bil dia memang boleh beat bil bersalin kat princecourt kot..


eppoo said...

bkpo ngan gigi mu nyo?

momoc said...

aku cabur geraham bongsu

onniye*occuke said...

seriau weh mok kelih little son mu tu...

momoc said... bertanduk je kan?anak sapa la 2..=p