Thursday, March 25, 2010

when i speak..

since u're reading my blog..nah.U are READing MY BLOG!so i would like to let u know..

some girls,they tend to get attracted to a bad guy instead of a good guy.the good guy always become a geek .but the bad guy never be a freak to them.dont ask why.because we also didnt know.or maybe we're trying not to talk about it and keep avoiding answering the question.or maybe because of the charm.the risk that they saw in them.

some girls,they felt for a guy who's madly in love with them.a guy who's willing to  sacrifice everything for their happiness.not a guy who's doing everything in order to get something in back.

some girls,when they fall in love with someone,they never want the feel just stay the way it was as when they  met the guy.they want it to grow stronger from day to day.but the guy will never know.the feel fades away just like that.nobody's noticing till they meet somebody else who's regrow the feeling back in them.

random huh?but its kinda true..

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