Sunday, March 28, 2010

Little JB

pertama kali saya lihat dia waktu di Pusat karaoke Inul vista..the voice was not so bad.he was wearing a baggy t-shirt and his hair seperti datang dari zaman westlife.sumpah saya tak impressed langsung.wut the hell was he thinking?zaman era pop nsync,westlife and blue is over.dont he knew that?

semalam saya jumpa dia lagi.di laman sosial.saya click on his name because saya wondering wut's so special about him sampai org sebut2 nama dia.then saya realized,if i am a 14 years old teenager right now,i'll fall for him too.why 14?not 16 or 17?cos, he is 16.and i'm not gonna fall for someone younger than me or a same age.daa~~that if i am 14 i'm,i just tot he's cute,and adorable..=)

p/s : why caucasian always making people crazee..??

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