Monday, April 12, 2010

benda tak logik happened okay?!

what do U feel when U find something similar with yours but it is not U..??
it likes looking at the mirror and seeing ur face but with a different movement.kinda scary right?

my housemates ym-ing me "misteri nusantara" while i'm having my time arranging all the doughnuts in Digby's doughnut this evening.she asked to open up the facebook and search on the name of Nur sarah Aziz.i was terrifying because the only sarah aziz that i familiar with was already 'arwah' last year.oh jangan cakap Arwah ada facebook and it was active..well,bila dah bajet betis mesti la dapat peha kan..((✖╭╮✖) punya peribahasa daa)..umm..if U wanna find out why dont U urself search for the name and see what i mean..i dont know, either she still using our pic or not because we already added her as a friend after we found out..hehehe..

how should i explained to certain people about the geografical of Indonesia,huh?
there are 4 big LANDS of Indonesia that most people are familiar with.they are PULAU JAWA which jakarta is located,KALIMANTAN which is located near Sabah & Sarawak,Pulau IRIAN JAYA yg ibarat kata cik annes blogger macam huruf K retarded and kepulauan Sumatera where the recent earthquake happened!

Pulau jawa & sumatera are so far apart.even if Jakarta got a tower like Burj Dubai pon ,we still cannot see the sumatera.paham x??if something happens in sumatera,people in melaka or any other west side of Malaysia should be worried first.not us..except if it was fated that Jakarta having an earthquake at the same time with Sumatera
.Nauzubillah..mintak jauh..amin..
begitu juga dgn pulau2 yg lain.nama saja kami tinggal di Indonesia sedangkan kami sebetulnya di jakarta.

p/s : maybe nmpk jgk sumatera sikit2 tapi ada ke tower nye..hiks~~
and there are up to 17,000 island in Indonesia. 4 yg saya stated in the entry cuma tanah besar di sana..


onniye*occuke said...

aku search sarah dh arwah ke??tp fb tu??ade org amik akaun die eh..

momoc said...

eh..yg arwah 2 xde kena mngena pon ngan akau n 2..