Sunday, April 11, 2010

i believed in hardwork

i was standing alone at the train station once when i went back to my country land last february.there was a man in a middle age waiting for the same train.we started talking to each other until he brought up a topic about multilevel  marketing. i knew once he started the topic i couldnt run be polite,for almost half an hour i was pretending that i was interested  in the conversation and to make it real i also gave him my email.

i;d once removed a friend from my facebook list for the same reason.his post was always about how to make a money in a fastest way.i do believed,some multilevel marketings bring a real success to certain people but i still believed hardwork is the main key to a success.

now, i got another friend in my facebook,doing the exact same thing like the one i removed.she started promoting in her status a second i confirmed her to be in my friend list. now  i get annoyed by her status and having a thought to remove her also.

i know facebook is the best medium for multilevel people but by putting the pictures of money and talked about money all the tyme is not a very good decision of yours.showing a picture of a car which i believed was not yours also kinda make me sick.

"orang kerja 8 hours per day untuk mendapat 2-3 ribu sebulan dan akhirnya habis untuk membayar bil2.anda cuma perlu goyang kaki menunggu wang anda masuk.cuma hubungi saya"

well,i'm not kind of impressed by that.
bagi saya,kejayaan yang datang dari titik peluh kita akan lebih bermakna dan lebih tahan lama.oh..itu pendapat saya.and if U really wanted to show ur success,why not just putting ur real pictures instead of the pictures U googled in the internet.contoh nye letak la beg LV yg U dah beli ker..kasut Paul smith yg U pakai pergi pasar ke..that might make me think twice to join the 'club'.

i also had a relatives who always believed multilevel marketing is the easiest way to be rich.he never gave up in those scheme despite he almost broke into nothing just because the scheme he joined was not endorsed by the law.i saw his success but it always didnt last long.

p/s : well maybe one day i change my mind about all this multilevel thingy,but now i done with it.


intaq said...

btol 2 moc..ak bleh..dwnld gmba keto dale tnet..edit msuk gmba ak...hahaha..
kolotnyo pmkiran ble nk kayo...

onniye*occuke said...

aku ado join infinity downline tu aku stop...waswas!!n aku xnk join pape dh pasni...sbb mcm menganiaya downline...n ade artikel dr ustaz mane ntah, he says haram infinty, aku mmg totally xnk join dh MLM ni..nyesal!

momoc said...

menganiaya downline cmner pan?cter sket..