Thursday, December 23, 2010

Having Na & Muna in Jakarta


cik momok been MIA again.

but this one was not for dancing or having dinner.

It was for my long-time BFF!!!

So last Saturday,two of my ex-college mates came all the way down from India to Indonesia for 6 days.
And one of them are my since-form-one-bestfriend Noor Diyana Noordin.

now they can 'rasa' how our life was in Jakarta.
from the very 1st day dah rasakan betapa banyaknya manusia di Jakarta.
They got stuck in the traffic jammed.But Unfortunately,berjaya juga kalian mencari Kompleks Depsos Bintaro sendiri.Clap.clap.clap..>_<

look what we got on fb for this picture..

seriously,i dont know which one yg Yuna or Tiz Zaqyah..
can someone figure it out?

(btw Faisal,U make my our day^_^)

so sayang,kalian datang waktu cuti belum bermula.They only got half day to go around Jakarta for 3 days.Plus it is raining season rite now at Jakarta.Tak banyak tempat boleh pergi other than ke mall-mall yang super besarrrr..

Hope,kalian enjoyed the stay and the hospitality we gave.(considered of us having the super packed-classess and the raining season).hehehe

Do come again..^_^