Tuesday, December 14, 2010

When it comes to writing,title must always be a problem.

Hey! I'm back ^_^

(dengan gaya muka mintak penampar)

Been super busy for a couple of weeks..
Got Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin's Golf Charity & event 
membuka gerai roti jala waktu di malam Malaysian Festival.

but everything was superb^_^

here are some pictures of us while having fun-tired-nervous-chill event during TSMY's dinner..

 The opening dancers..
Us,while having a practice one day before the event.

(semua amatur je..~_~")

One of the best thing of being a volunteer or 'orang yag terlibat' for any events,we got a chance of 'hotel-hoping'..yeayy ^_^

The first hotel we stayed before the dinner.Sumpah tilam & bantal dia best giler.
(jakun sekejap ~_~")

Here is the 2nd hotel.Hotel Pacific Place.And we got suite dekat floor 36.
bahahahaha..(sini xleh tunjuk jakun.orang ramai)

 nampak tak cik momok?

Us, after the opening dance.
Of course tukar baju.
Tak mau aku pakai baju kilat-kilat warna flourescent pergi meja dinner..>_^

Dan another best thing yang ada on that event apart from makanan yang best was lucky draw.
Guess what?Last time event under orang UMNO,they gave away Ipod & Blacberry.But this time,they gave us 5 Ipad (ulang kembali Ipad.Not Ipod),  7 two-way tickets Jakarta-Kuala Lumpur.

p/s : gonna update soon about Malaysian Festival & who got the Ipad..hee^_^

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zOeY zAu YaH said...

patut la bz..sibuk menari ghopanya haha