Sunday, November 27, 2011

Never knew what comes to us until we decide to step forward.

Assalamualaikum wbt.

Such a long pause,huh?
Lots of things happened in few months back.
but now,i'm back ^_^

short brief about what happened.

1) Just celebrated our 1st anniversary on last 22nd of November.Because i'm not going back to Malaysia on this December,so he we decided that he should come to, for him to come to Jakarta was so much easier and cheaper (knew all about  ridiculous documents that immigration here ask for)

2) Since I'm on my last semester for thoery, I've been busy with 'skripsi' (more like a thesis but here thesis is for pHD level and skripsi is for degree level). I'm stuck with the 2nd subtopic for 2 weeks.Not because of lack of ideas.It's just due to my laziness of doing nothing.

3) Lots of friends, especially ex-schoolmates are getting married by the end of this year.Until today,already got three invitations from them on facebook. Those who got engaged on 11th November 2011  or married out of sudden without any invitation aren't count yet .People does obses with good dates,huh?I guess , good dates are just easier to be remembered.and our date just happened to be on 20.11.2011

4) I moved into a new house room about a month ago.And I'm loving it.I got tv too.And guess what,it's really near to my campus.When I woke up at 7.I still can go back to sleep before waking up back 20 minutes later to attend class at 7.40.

5) It's rainy season in Malaysia now. So does Indonesia for the next month(prediction).No wonder it's hot like hell nowadays.I even considered to put aircond up in my room.Of course it might cost a bit.So decide to just keep it in vision mind for  a while.

6)Tonite bought 5 books from Periplus.Last week just bought one and still doesn't finish it yet.Book could cause an addiction.But once U stop,hards to find the rhythm back.true story ;p

7) The Terminator was on tv.Wonder why bad guys always look hot.And right now,the rock is on tv too.Couldn't focus anymore.see ya later guys.



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