Monday, January 23, 2012

Had all days with no money.Such a waste.

To someone out there.If you are reading this. I'm sorry for a damage I done.But you are big enough to think.You have been hurt,doesn't mean you have to hurt other people. If you were just tried to find someone that suits you and never have any intention to do so,I understand.Lets pray the best for both of us..=)


It's 23rd of January today. It's holiday.But its just another day for some of us.Try to kill the days.
One said; "Money cannot brings us happiness.But to be happy,it needs money".

It is true indeed. You were sad,you need your mother.Unfortunately,she's somewhere across the country.You need money to call her. It's nearly at the end of the month,your landlord keeps emerge out of nowhere and you  understand it as a signal to pay the rent.You need money before she starts shouting at you.So do I need to put
 any examples more so that we can understand the benefials of money?

I had bad feeling for this past few days.Must I say, my instinct is always been correct.So if  it's going to happen,hope something great comes as a turn out.

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