Friday, January 20, 2012

Tamat Pre-clinic


It's been two weeks for not posting anything. Alhamdulillah.Done with my exams.And what excites more,there's no attending classes anymore.Yes.It's end of pre-clinic.Now,almost of my batchmates are focusing on completing our thesis before the due date which is 20 days from now.So that we can graduate on 15th April of this year.Haiyaarkkkk.It is tight..-___________-"

I got a call from mak last night.Eddi just bought a superbike.His bestfriend had sent me the picture already.It's blue,despite I know he's going to change it into orange.He talked bout it since kindergarten."Nak warna sheng.Nak warna sheng"..Yeah.My brother called orange ,sheng. And maybe it is in the blood.Me also had an aberration of saying oren as oreng.

Mak, abah & Faiz are coming to my graduation.Insyallah.They're already had a passport.And just knew OKU doesnt has to pay for it.They got it gratis.Just save hundred ringgit there.Faiz got all excited with his passport that he brought it to the school and show it off to his classmates and teachers.But everytime i got him on the phone, "Saya taknak pergi Indonesia.Saya nak pergi Jepun". -______-".Eventually, he got shut up after  I promise to take him eat sushi later. Yeah.My brother is an Orang Kelebihan Upaya.

Soooo,on March we are entering our clinical years.Handling our real patients and learn a real way to become a dentist.Hopefully,everything went smoothly.And back for good as soon as possible.One year and a half is not impossible aite?Insyallah..So till then peoples..

p/s : It's been a good 7 semesters.Good laugh and cry just make a sweet memory to be kept.And Happy chinesse new year..(pic scattered coz its bb's camera) ..=)

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