Sunday, January 29, 2012

just an obnoxious posting


sorry.this posting is going to be a little harsh.

 "X's boyfirend was kinda hitting on me"
The next day ; "Y's boyfriend just chat with me on fb 5 minutes ago.He asked me a lot.He's kind of..."

You know that kind of people?The one who always think she's super bombastic and full of personalities that she tought she can steal any man whenever she wants including her friends's boyfirend but a reality is she's with no man.She's single and lonely.Easier way to say it,perasan?

Enough with it.

There's always another alternative to an obstacle.If you cannot go through it,you always can stop,reverse and go to the other way.I dont believe that problems need to be faced all the time.Some problems are good enough to be left as it is.As long as it keeps people happy.

How to keep yourself happy?this is a few tips..

p/s: it  makes me happy too when someone says; "i think bout u too last night"..

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