Saturday, February 4, 2012

A heart in an open jar


The past two weeks were so stressful. With due date just around the corner, a good chill out on a weekend's night  at a cozy cafe wouldn't help much.However, I'm so grateful, how things can turn into. Today you were crying, and the next day happiness comes knocking on your door.

It is interesting to see life through the way other people see it. How my cousin stopped eating meat after he saw a slaughter of a cow. How my boyfriend got panic-attack when he saw needle. How my friend judged a movie by its actor (LOL.It is weird seeing Justin Timberlake when not singing ). What you have read or experienced itself determines the way you look into something. One has said, "The more we talk, the more visible our ignorance". I dont think it applies to all. Like old people said, "Malu bertanya, sesatlah jalan" .If you don't know what you don't know,how can you get better in life? How can u get yourself forward?

When we prayed, I always asked Allah for the good health, success in education, forgive all my sins.Not just for me, but I also asked a same thing for people around me.Mak,abah,Faiz,Eddi, pasangan-ku and his family. Everytime and every chance, a same damn prayer until one day I realised, not once did I said "Terima kasih Allah for all the things You gave me" other than ask,ask and ask for so many things.By this, I'm not saying that I already had all the things that I need in life,but from that day I promise myself at least on one prayer, stop asking and just be grateful for all things that Allah gave me..Alhamdulillah..=)

p/s : A good relationship should be like the picture. The heart is kept in an open jar with no upper case. It can stay if you want,Or leave as you wanted.Nobody should force someone to stay in a relationship if someone doesn't meant to stay.

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Yuyu Johanna said...

Best ayat p/s tu mimi...boleh pinjam?