Wednesday, February 8, 2012



I'm turning into 24 in 35 days and people around me are busying getting engaged and get married. So it is normal for someone like me to think bout the future despite I know,it is a long way to go before I settle down with the one I want to settle down, so on and so forth.Suddenly it occurs to me, I dont feel like I want to get engaged. I just want to go straight to akad nikah and skip all the traditions. Afterall, getting engaged is just a custom. It is not a compulsary except  you never meet your future husband before and you wanted to know him better before you both are getting together.  Since I know my future husband(Insyallah he'll be the one) for years, so what's the purpose of get engaged. If I wanted a ring, I still can ask him to put it in my dowry list.


On the other hand, what would people say bout it? Especially the old folks. Getting married without been engaged seems like rushing. And we know how Malay people loves gossip.Dont us?^______^

p/s : Let us wait, when the time has comes,I may change my mind. Afterall, I always had a second thought, don't I ..?

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